July 4, 1979, Forty Years Ago

July 4, 1979, Forty Years Ago

MNF attack IGP

The underground Mizo National Front activists, in response to the rebel leader Laldenga’s call to revive the insurgency and drive out all non-Mizos, last night made an abortive attempt on the life of the Inspector General of Police, Ved Marwah, and the deputy inspector-general of police, R S Chopra, in the heart of curfew-bound Aizawl. A gang of Mizo rebels, armed with automatic weapons sniped at a police convoy, including the IGP ‘s jeep, while it was proceeding to the police control room at 10 pm. The police party immediately took cover and returned the fire. The IGP and the remaining members of his convoy escaped unhurt.

No Soviet presence

Britain’s foreign secretary, Lord Peter Carrington, deplored Soviet intervention in Afghanistan which, he said, was similar to Cuban involvement in Africa. He was replying to a question at a Delhi press conference at the end of his two-day visit to the capital, during which he held discussions with Indian leaders on a wide range of international and bilateral issues. He also said that a stricter immigrant policy was distinctly on the cards in Britain: This was consistent with the manifesto of the Conservative party. However, he assured questioners that Indian immigrants resident in Britain would be given all the rights enjoyed by British nationals.

AIR channel

Radio listeners can look forward to the introduction of AIR’s national channel in a couple of years. Preliminary work on it has already begun with the selection of the location of two transmitters of one megawatt each at Nagpur. These will form the nucleus of a set of super-power medium transmitters to be located in different parts of the country. The present plan is to have a single-megawatt medium-wave transmitter each in Delhi, Patna and Bangalore. Even in the Fifth Plan, there was a scheme to set up a new transmitter at Nagpur for the
national channel but it was given on technical grounds.