January 10, 1979, Forty Years Ago

January 10, 1979, Forty Years Ago

Emergency Courts

Having missed the winter session of Parliament, the Union government decided to introduce in the Budget session a bill to set up special courts for trying Mrs Indira Gandhi and others for Emergency crimes. The Budget session is likely to commence on February 19 before the presentation of the Budget on February 28. Normally in the Budget session, bills are taken up towards April-end or early May, after the Lok Sabha has passed the government’s financial proposals. It is not certain as to when exactly the government will introduce the bill on special courts in the Lok Sabha during the Budget session. The Cabinet has, however, taken into account the possibility of the bill getting defeated in the Rajya Sabha, where the ruling party does not command a majority.

US Policy On Iran

The United States Ambassador to Iran, William Sullivan, has now been instructed to say “yes” if the Shah asks him whether he thinks it would be a good idea if the Shah were to leave Iran temporarily. These instructions, The New York Times noted, “in effect marked a turning point for the Carter administration, which for many weeks had resisted suggestions that it urge the Shah to go. If he leaves, officials acknowledge, it may be very difficult for him to return”. Until a few days ago, a White House aide was insisting that US was “prepared to go up in flames” with the Shah. Such melodrama, however, impressed none. The American embassy in Teheran continued to advise Washington that it was difficult to see how the situation could stabilise unless the Shah left.

Fishers Missing

Over 180 country fishing boats carrying about 1,200 persons put out to sea from Thiruvananthapuram have been reported missing. Fisheries and port authorities have been alerted. It is said there was a hurricane in the Arabian sea.