Forty years ago october 22 1979 bahuguna vs pm

Forty years ago october 22 1979 bahuguna vs pm

Former finance minister H N Bahuguna accused Prime Minister Charan Singh of having acted “arbitrarily” in seeking his resignation from the Cabinet. But he sent in the resignation letter as asked by the PM since he did not want to make an issue of it. The CPD leader said he would decide his future course after his party’s convention on Thursday.

Chaos in Manipur

The dismissal of the Shaiza ministry, dissolution of the state assembly and imposition of President’s rule in Manipur is on the cards. The deteriorating law and order situation, complaints of rampant corruption against some members of the Shaiza government and the fear that the forthcoming Lok Sabha polls under the existing government may not be peaceful have compelled the home ministry to consider President’s rule.

Equal Treatment

Pakistan foreign affairs adviser, Agha Shahi, insisted before American lawmakers in Washington on equating Pakistan and India on the nuclear issue. It is an insistence that suits present US policy aimed at bringing all Indian nuclear facilities under fullscope safeguards, even to fulfil the existing contracts. Shahi said that Pakistan was willing to place all its nuclear facilities under international safeguards and inspection only if India did the same.

No RSS Support

Yadav Rao Joshi, all-India chief organiser of the RSS, said that the Sangh would not support any political party in the coming general election. Joshi said that during the 1977 election, the RSS had compelling reasons to enter the election fray because basic rights of the people had been taken away during the Emergency. He described as motivated the propaganda that the RSS was against Christians or Muslims and that it was behind the communal clashes at Jamshedpur or Aligarh.