Forty years ago november 29 1979 kerala drama

Forty years ago november 29 1979 kerala drama

The chief minister C H Mohammed Koya has recommended the dissolution of the Kerala Assembly followed by mid-term polls. Koya, whose support in the 140-member assembly plumetted from 71 to 49 following the decision of the Congress to move over to the opposite camp, has, however, chosen not to resign pending a final decision on his recommendation to the governor. The chief minister, who called on the governor early in the morning, told reporters in the evening that at the time he recommended dissolution, he had a majority in the Assembly. “Even now the Congress has not formally informed me of the withdrawal of its support,” he said.

US Hostages

Despite America’s prodding, India has decided to keep aloof from the confrontation that is building up between Washington and Teheran, it is learnt. The government has not responded one way or the other to President Jimmy Carter’s appeal to use its good offices for the release of hostages in Teheran. To save itself from embarrassment, New Delhi has allowed its ambassador to Iran, Vishnu Ahuja, to return from his post, long before he leaves for Tokyo on his new assignment. A few feelers at lower levels from some powers to show solidarity with “diplomats of all nations” have gone awry.

Dange’s on Indira

Sripad Amrit Dange, who has just resigned from the chairmanship of the Communist Party of India, feels that the party has “failed to understand Mrs Gandhi as a representative of the patriotic national bourgeoisie which is intrinsically anti-monopolist, anti-imperialist and anti-feudal”. In a note, dated November 23, to the members of the central executive committee and the national council of the party, Dange regrets that the party has adopted “a self-liquidationist line”. He laments that a section of the party leadership is “falling into the Sino-CPM net despite the lessons of 1959.” However, he is confident that “we will soon repent”.