Forty years ago march 2 1980 assam agitation

Forty years ago march 2 1980 assam agitation
Express front page, March 02, 1980.

The all-party meeting on Assam unanimously appealed for the withdrawal of the Assam agitation “so that an atmosphere conducive to finding practical solutions to the problems of Assam can be found and implemented and normal activities resumed”. The meeting said: “We agree that the genuine grievances of all sections of the people of Assam should be removed and their apprehensions allayed… No constructive steps can, however, be taken as long as an atmosphere of agitation continues to prevail”.

CCP Changes

The central committee of the Chinese Communist Party announced that party vice-chairman Wang Tung-shing and three other prominent members of the Politburo had been removed from their posts. This is seen as a major purge. The move is seen generally as a further strengthening of the position of Vice Premier Deng Xiaoping over Chairman Guofeng.

Soviet Incursion

A Soviet aircraft violated Pakistan’s air space, according to Radio Pakistan. The Pakistan ambassador in Moscow has been asked to register a strong protest with the Soviet Union about the incident, the radio said quoting a foreign office spokesman in Islamabad. The spokesman said President Ziaul Haq ordered that the aircraft was not to be harmed.

Express Building

The Lt-Governor of Delhi, Jagmohan, has ordered an inquiry into the construction of the new building of The Indian Express. Announcing this at a press conference, Jagmohan said the inquiry had been ordered following complaints that extra space was sanctioned for the building in disregard to provisions of the master plan, zonal regulations and municipal by-laws. Jagmohan said an extra 10,000 square feet had been sanctioned under the Janata government.