Forty years ago march 12 1979 peace in palestine

Forty years ago march 12 1979 peace in palestine

US president Jimmy Carter conferred for almost five hours with the Israeli prime minister, Menachem Begin, but no final agreement was reached in the quest for a West Asian peace treaty. Associated Press learned, meanwhile, that preparations were being made to extend Carter’s visit in the Israeli capital until Tuesday, a day later than planned. The Palestinian issue, one of a handful that has stalemated completion of a treaty between Egypt and Israel for four months, appears to be the principal obstacle: The question is whether the treaty terms should specify when Palestinian self-rule should be implemented.

Uranium In MP

Mining for uranium deposits by the minerals division of the Atomic Energy Commission (AEC) at Bodal in Sarguja district, Madhya Pradesh, has yielded high grade uranium ore, according to official sources. While the AEC investigation for uranium deposits in MP has so far yielded only one site of workable grade uranium ore, survey for uranium is also going on at Dhabi, Dhumat and Jajawal in the same district.

Long Wave Problem

Senior communications experts in five different ministries are trying to find a solution to a ticklish problem — should or should not India make a case for opening a portion of the long wave band for broadcasting in Region III at the 1979 World Administrative Radio Conference (WARC) due to begin at Geneva in September: India won’t have another opportunity to ask for it till 1999 when the next WARC will be held. The issue arose out of All India Radio’s proposal for WARC that the 150-285 KMz portion of the long wave band (150-550 KHz) be opened for broadcasting services in Region III which includes most countries of Asia, Australia and New Zealand. This frequency would have to be then vacated by the civil and defence air services and the power distribution networks, who have strongly opposed the AIR suggestion.