Forty years ago january 30 1980 stay off states

Forty years ago january 30 1980 stay off states
Parkash Singh Badal 1980, Islamic Conference Z Brezenzski, Forty years ago indian express  The Indian Express front page, January 30, 1980. (Express archive)

The chief ministers of nine non-Congress (I)-ruled states met at Jodhpur House and expressed grave concern at attempts by the central government to induce defections and topple the non-Congress (I) state governments. The chief ministers decided to organise mass demonstrations in the state capitals to mobilise public opinion against this “authoritarian move by central government”.

Undemocratic Act

Punjab chief minister Parkash Singh Badal said in Delhi that if Indira Gandhi dissolved the state assembly, it would be most undemocratic. Talking to newsmen, he said that he did not think that Mrs Gandhi would adopt such a course. If she did so, he said, the faith of the people in democracy will vanish.

Telling off Soviets

Evidently timed to synchronise with the concluding session of the Islamic Conference to bolster its effect, the news of the three-day visit of Z Brezenzski — national security adviser to the US president — to Islamabad, has had an opposite effect. It has pushed the deliberations of the conference into the background. The conference hall and the press galleries reverberated with speculations over the visit and comparatively little attention was paid to the unanimous resolution of the conference condemning the Soviet Union by name for its intervention in Afghanistan and demanding withdrawal of its troops from that country.

Kissa Cop Arrested

N K Singh, the DIG of the CID and the chief investigating officer in the Kissa Kursi Ka case was arrested by the Haryana Police on charges of conspiracy and wrongful confinement and abduction of Ram Chander, a former driver in Maruti Limited. The arrest
was apparently made on the basis of a complaint filed at the Gurgaon police station in May 1977.