Forty years ago january 22 1980 help not charity

Forty years ago january 22 1980 help not charity
The Indian Express, January 22, 1980, forty years ago.

Prime Minister Indira Gandhi strongly defended the attitude of developing countries towards international cooperation and declared that they were not asking for charity. Speaking at the UNIDO conference, she spoke of the aversion of developing countries to any attempt by others to influence the policy or impose their views. “If we seek help, it is not a charity, but rather as part of a process to undo the injustice of ages, and bring greater equality and security, thereby creates conditions for stable and enduring peace in the world, which all countries earnestly seek,” she said. Mrs Gandhi said the existing system, with the world divided between the industrialised haves and the developing have-nots, was no longer acceptable.

Labour division calls

UN secretary-general Kurt Waldheim called for a new international division of labour between developed and developing countries. Such a division should be based on equitable exchange of specialised industrial products and required strengthening of the technological capability of developing countries as well as a ready access for their manufactures to the markets of advanced countries, he said. Waldheim made these remarks in his opening statement at the third general conference of the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation.

Bhajan lal crossover

Haryana chief minister Bhajan Lal wants to cross over to the Congress (I) in the next few days. During the last four days, he has been making hectic efforts, trying to persuade other members of the Janata Legislature Party to Join the Congress (I). He is reported to have met 30-40 members of the JLP in this connection. Such open critics of the Congress (I) as Swami Agnivesh, former education minister in the Bhajan Lal government, Sushma Swaraj and some Jana Sangh members are reported to have turned a deaf ear to Lal’s pleas.