Tired of bleeding mascara? Go for the eyelash lift

Tired of bleeding mascara? Go for the eyelash lift

For most make-up artists, a luscious eyelash is an important criteria to achieve a wholesome look. There is indeed no denying that an enhanced or lifted eyelash transforms the entire look by adding a touch of freshness and drama to the face. While most of us add volume to our lashes using a mascara or a set of fake eyelashes, mascara can bleed and smudge, ruining the entire look.

But the beauty industry always has a solution, and a solution for your lash woes is a lash lift. A lash lift curls your eyelash from base to the tip so that you can see its full length. They are ideal for those who cannot manage to maintain their lashes with touch-ups and extensions.

While lash extensions add length and create volume, lash lift simply perm and lift your eyelashes. The make-up artist applies silicone pad on the upper lid on which the lashes are glued on, giving them an upward shape. The perm solution is then applied to the lash and acts as a softener so the hair is mouldable to the shape it needs to hold. A setting solution and a keratin-rich nourishing oil are then applied in succession.

However, one needs to be extremely careful as the process involves chemical use near the eyes. It is important to keep the eyes closes throughout the process and not get the formula come in contact with them. The beautician also needs to ensure that the product is not left for too long on the lashes. To enjoy the process’ long-lasting effects, one must keep their lashes dry for 24 to 48 hours.

However, if you wish to opt for a natural way to enhance your lashes, just apply some castor oil or cold press castor oil to the lashes from root to tip to reduce any damage and improve natural growth.