Tips to keep in mind while designing your dream house

Tips to keep in mind while designing your dream house

A dream home is a place where luxury and comfort, coupled with emotions and passion take the shape of reality. To make it happen, all one needs is to bring the ideas to life, keeping in mind the essentials of healthy and sustainable living.

So, while you plan your dream home, here are some ideas by Anuradha Aggarwal, creative director at Olives Cre, you can choose from:

Go for natural paint

Considering the environmental crisis we are currently going through, it would be a more feasible idea to have a toxic-free stay at home. So colour your walls in natural paint, instead of the chemical-heavy alternatives. These paints are made up of natural compounds like tree resins, plant oil, essential oil and natural dyes, that are not harmful to health. That natural glow to your walls is surely a safe option.

Stitch a wonder

How about stitching wool runners together across the walls to make a wall-to-wall carpet? Here, the edges of the walls can act as stripes while the combined colours and patterns can give your home a chic yet classy look. This weaved-in wool walls or wider rugs can be an artistic alternative to the normal concrete or wooden stair-runners, partitions on hallways or coordinating walls of the landing as well.

Bring home a chandelier

Bring home that opaline and clear glass chandelier you had been longing for ages. The grandeur on your ceiling, the cut-glass sparkles, the magnificent light and shadow reflections are sure to bring that twinkle – both to your eyes and your dream home.

Play with motifs

Break away from the boredom of regular fit floor tiles. Instead, semi-irregular motifs of squares and rectangles, oak engineered flooring in unusual patterns can be a welcome change. Choose the floor colours to complement the walls.

Vintage vanity

Nothing beats the vintage look to give a classy touch to your dream home. The big Scandinavian shelves spread across a full wall can render that heritage feel as well as the elaborate look that makes your home complete. The countless racks help add to the décor by displaying artefacts on one hand, while keeping all the everyday necessities neat and handy on the other.

Go green

Forget about space crunch for gardening, add some nature to your interiors by making an indoor vertical green wall, weaving in plants, climbers and orchids. Such a wall will occupy minimum space and yet improve indoor air quality by spreading oxygen and absorbing 85% of indoor pollutants.

Rugged touch

A well thought-out and colour-coordinated layering of rugs can give your living room an ethnic look. Playing around with texture, print, pattern, motifs and stitches, will make your floor look unique, elegant and sophisticated.

Explore the artist in you

Make DIY wall hangings, lampshades, cushion covers, showpieces and add that personal touch to your home. Showcase your creativity and see your interiors turn unique.