Highlighters uses multiple alia bhatt latest photos makeup tricks

Highlighters uses multiple alia bhatt latest photos makeup tricks
highlighter, makeup tips, skincare tips, alia bhatt make-up look, makeup indian express Do you use a highlighter as part of your make-up regime? (Photo: Instagram)

We all love multi-taskers and life just gets easier when one makeup product can help with more than just one aspect. Looking for such a product, we hear? It is none other than your highlighter, which has always been a major player in the world of beauty. It is also a highly underrated tool because it does much more than just accentuating your cheekbones.

We tell you how to get the most out of your beloved makeup product.

*Gives the illusion of fuller lips

Angelina Jolie’s lips, here we come. Take some highlighter on a thin makeup brush — eye shadow makeup brushes work the best — and place a hint of it right above the upper lip or cupid’s bow. This gives you the illusion of fullness.

*Makes the nose appear slimmer

Kiss your chubby cheeks goodbye by using a small brush to apply the highlighter along the bridge of the nose with a matte colour that is a shade darker than your skin tone beside your nose. This will give the illusion of a smaller and thinner nose. However, if you plan on doing this for a daytime look, ensure the highlighter blends well with the rest of your face make-up to achieve a more natural or no-makeup look.

makeup, makeup tips, skincare tips, best makeup tips Is the highlighter a part of your makeup routine? (Photo: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

*Brightens the inner corner of your eyes

Apply highlighter at the inner corner to help the eyes look more awake and brighter. Or perk up your eyes by gently going over your waterline with a highlighter pencil.

*Can be used as an eye shadow or eyeliner

Who said you cannot use a highlighter as an eye shadow? Ditch your usual black liner by spritzing some makeup fixing spray on your brush, dip your brush in powder highlighter and make a sleek eyeliner. Swipe a bit of it on your eyelids for a shimmery night time eye look. Remember not to overdo it or it is going to make your eye make-up look powdery. Less is more, always, when it comes to makeup.

*Makes your skin glow

Scrape some powder highlighter and mix it with your body lotion. Voilà! You get body highlighter without spending bucks and you get to glow in and out.

Ladies, you’re now all set to seize the day!

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