Things men should consider when planning a hair makeover

Things men should consider when planning a hair makeover

A little makeover once in a while adds freshness and energy to one’s look. But ‘what should I opt for’ is a question that becomes extremely difficult to answer, making one skim though various magazines and websites for ideas and inspiration. Are you also looking to change your hairstyle? Then you have reached the right page!

Celebrity stylist Apeni George, chief grooming expert, The Man Company, the woman behind the hair of celebrities including Virat Kohli and Hrithik Roshan, shares a few tips if you are planning a hair makeover.

“There are no set guidelines for getting a makeover, it just needs to make you feel good inside out. Stop overthinking and start looking up on what styles you would prefer and how you want to go about it. Start feeling the change that you are inviting,” says George.

*Start looking for references and inspirations; but remember to make sure that the references are possible. For instance, it should be in the same hair colour as yours or the colour you would want to opt for during the makeover. The skin colour should also be similar, since it makes a lot of difference when you get down to practically executing it on yourself.

*Think it over. If you are looking for a makeover, always consider the amount of time you are willing to invest in the new haircut. This is because some hairstyles can be difficult to maintain.

*Ask your hairdresser. If you have your own hairdresser or hair stylist, start sharing your thoughts and ideas about the look you have in mind with them. Then the stylist can share their thoughts because they have knowledge about your hair type. You can then reach a common ground about your new look.

*However, if you don’t have a hairdresser or stylist, you should make an appointment with one after you have done your share of research. Discuss thoroughly with them and once you feel convinced, ahead with your makeover.

Remember, you are starting a journey of a new you. It’s fine to feel anxious about it, but be confident and enjoy the change that you are inviting!