Take out time to care for your hair this Father's Day

Take out time to care for your hair this Father's Day

Men between the age of 40-50 are often overburdened with responsibilities and pressure, be it on the personal or professional front. This could lead to a lot of problems but if you are one of those who is constantly worried about  your hair, then let us tell you that stress can also lead to dandruff, hair loss, thinning of hair and even balding.

Despite the common nature of balding, most men find it frustrating and emasculating. What if we tell you that something can be done to prevent and slow the process of balding?

This Father’s Day, let’s take a look at what all can be done to prevent hair woes in men.

Hair wash habits

Using a good shampoo that suits your hair is a key to keeping your hair fresh and clean. Also, clean hair gives the impression of more volume. Generally, an anti-hair loss shampoo must be included in one’s hair regime to treat the problem effectively. You should not only use a quality shampoo product, but also use a conditioner to re-infuse healthy oils back into your hair after washing. It not only conditions, but repairs damage and takes care of the general wear and tear that your hair experiences on a daily basis.

Improve your diet

Proteins play a vital role in maintaining healthy hair as hair is largely made up of keratin which is a type of protein. Healthy sources of protein like meat, fish, eggs, and poultry, will go a long way towards protecting your hair. It is also good to go for foods that are high on vitamin C and B-complex vitamins.

Know when to comb your hair

When your hair is wet, it’s at its weakest. Unfortunately, a lot of men brush their hair immediately after showering. As a result, they break off excessive amounts of hair and accelerate the rate of balding. If you have to brush your hair while it’s wet, try to use a comb with bristles that are spaced further apart. This reduces the likelihood of damage.

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Consider a hair restoration treatment

Right from deep conditioning, treating your hair and keeping it healthy, hair treatments are known to do a lot more for your hair and scalp than you can think of. If you’ve already experienced considerable hair loss and are looking for a way to reclaim some of the hair you once had, you should look into hair restoration procedures.

Hair ampoules are effective in growth of new hair cells, cell renewal, revitalising and nourishing the scalp and hair. Since it’s a special day, it will be fun for fathers to experiment with their looks and go for a stylish haircut or use styling products like gels or water wax that can be used in isolation or mixed together to give a fashionable look.

Smart hack

If you’re rapidly balding, one of the best things you can do is grow out some facial hair. Not only does this make you look younger, but it draws attention away from your scalp. Buzzing your hair to the same length of your facial hair is one way to get a balanced look.

This Father’s Day, take a pause from the mundane activities and pamper yourself to the fullest. Take a break and go to a hair salon. Do a hair spa treatment that includes a massage that will not only relax you but will nourish and strengthen your hair.

– With inputs from Agnes Chen, Technical Head, Streax Professional.