Sustain your travel wardrobe with these essentials

Sustain your travel wardrobe with these essentials
Here are a few style tips you can follow for the ultimate travel wardrobe. (Photo: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Be it vacations, work-trips or a weekend getaway, we all require a capsule collection dedicated to travel. A travel wardrobe requires a lot of deliberation and should consist of versatile pieces that work well with your travelling needs. Having travel basics help you save the effort of curating last-minute look when packing for a trip.

Back in the day the only thing people used to look for when packing, was a comfort but thanks to Instagram and the growing rage of celebrity inspired airport looks, a stylish travel wardrobe is a must-have. Who’s says you can’t be comfortable while still looking stylish? Here are a few style tips you can follow for the ultimate travel wardrobe.

Right fabric

The biggest perk of having a travel wardrobe is that it can cover your daily needs as well. When making a capsule travel wardrobe make sure to add pieces with the right fabric that are wrinkle-free and don’t take up much space in your bags.

Minimalist quality pieces

While a lot of people prefer going minimalist when travelling, you don’t have to give up on the style quotient. It can be slightly difficult to look stylish considering people want to travel light and not carry too much. In this case, the key to travelling in style is to invest in quality pieces that not only look smart but are also practical.

Denim on denim

Invest in a pair of denim overalls as they are fuss-free and easy to carry but also look totally chic. The neutral nature of denim allows you to pair it up with any and every colour of accessory.

Add some bling

Carry minimalist and inexpensive jewellery to add some bling to your outfit, they require no space and work well with almost every outfit.

Neutral colour

A neutral colour jumpsuit is a great idea when travelling as it saves you the time of coordinating outfits and is super-comfy. A solid coloured jumpsuit or a printed one no matter the style, jumpsuits will always make you look trendy.

Statement scarf

A statement scarf will go a long way in taking your basic outfits up a notch. Pair a nice printed scarf with a basic neutral colour dress or a plain kurta, and these scarves will also protect you from unpredictable weather changes which a great perk.

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