Summer Special 2019: 8 Reasons Why You Should Wear Sunscreen

Summer Special 2019: 8 Reasons Why You Should Wear Sunscreen
With the onset of summer, all of us run to the nearest chemist to buy sunscreens for skin protection. However, applying sunscreen should not be a seasonal buy. The need for shielding the skin from the harsh rays of the sun is essential, and the sunscreen does that job for us.

Shields skin from harmful UV Rays
The depleting ozone layer has put us at higher risk of getting affected by the harmful rays of the sun. While the sun does help in adding that daily dose of Vitamin D in the body, one should be conscious that overexposure does not harm the skin. Applying sunscreen actually blocks these harmful rays from penetrating the skin and triggering skin disorders.

Prevents premature ageing
Sunscreen shields the skin from developing signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and fine lines. According to studies, people below the age of 55 who used sunscreen had 24 per cent lesser chances of developing signs of ageing than non-sunscreen and occasional sunscreen users.

Sunscreen lowers cancer risks
Wearing sunscreen daily shields the skin from the risk of various types of skin cancer, especially, melanoma.

Prevents the onset of blotchiness
Applying sunscreen on the face prevents the onset of that irritating blotchiness and eruptions of red veins. It also prevents the onset of acne and other sunrays- induced damages.

Prevents sunburns
Sunburns weaken the skin, subjecting it to more bruises. UVB rays cause peeling, swelling, redness, hives, and itching. The blisters can escalate the risk of skin cancer. According to a 2008 study, recurring occurrences of sunburns could put one at a higher risk of lethal melanoma. Applying sunscreen prevents that.

Sunscreen prevents tanning
While tan is healthy, overexposure to the sun may harm the human body due to the harsh ultraviolet B rays. Choose a sunscreen that has a minimum of sun protection factor 30 to prevent tanning induced by UVB. One should apply sunscreen every two hours if they have sensitive skin.

Enhances skin health
Essential skin proteins, such as collagen, keratin, and elastin are protected by sunscreen. These proteins are required for keeping the skin smooth and healthy.