Simple ways to get your routine on point while you are at home

Simple ways to get your routine on point while you are at home
Reward yourself for the tasks you achieve by indulging in a decadent dessert or listening to your favourite song. (Photo: Getty)

We all seem to have lost track of time, as we stay at home. There’s no such difference between a Friday night and a Monday afternoon. Days pass by slowly, and every hour seems to be the same. But this should not be a reason to not have a strict schedule as it may hamper your productivity. Ahead, we tell you small ways to stick to your routine.

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Here are little ways to not let your routine go off the track. (Photo: Getty)

Do not work 24/7

First things first, one needs to understand that you aren’t ‘working from home’. You are at home working during a crisis. Secondly, understand that you do not work 14 hours a day; just like your normal job routine, you have stipulated hours in a day and try maintaining that. Begin at the same time, complete your hours and logout. This way, you do not procrastinate and have the time to focus on other things too.

Reward yourself

Washed all the utensils today? Finished a major assignment or a chunk of your work? Do not forget to reward yourself. Often, we are unduly hard on ourselves. Let us all be kind with ourselves and understand that the lockdown is weighing on us. A little reinforcement goes a long way in keeping ourselves motivated. Begin by indulging in a little piece of chocolate or your favourite cake in a mug!

Get your sleep on track

We do not even realise that the grumpiness that follows during the day is because of our shift in our sleep patterns or less sleep for that matter. Many of us are mindlessly scrolling through our phones, not realising the hours gone by. Get your sleep on track by understanding your sleep cycle to wake up fresh. Trust us, good sleep makes a world of a difference.

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Be in touch with nature

Staying within the confines of four walls can do more harm than good, affecting your creativity and flow of ideas. That’s why you need your dose of birds chirping and the sun shining on you (no, do not break your self-distancing rule), but just go out in the balcony in the wee hours of the morning and feel the cold air touch your face, witness the sunrise or just go for a walk once your work is done. Make optimum use of the open spaces in your home!

How are you unwinding these days?

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