Simple hacks to help you stop overthinking

Simple hacks to help you stop overthinking
Here are a few simple ways that can help you prevent overthinking. (Photo: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Life is not all hunky-dory but the human mind tends to complicate it more than it already is. There are situations where you find your mind going into overdrive, especially when things aren’t in our control. It can be taking a social media comment or tweet way too seriously or thinking about all the ways things can go wrong. Basically, we are all guilty of overthinking.

Sometimes, it’s better to make peace with the situation if we fail to find a solution rather than trying to looking for missing pieces of the puzzle. Often, overthinking leads to a compromised quality of life. It could cause disturbed sleeping patterns, undermine performance at work and affect personal relationships.

Here are a few simple ways that can help you prevent overthinking.

* Trace your thought process, analyse your thoughts rather than letting your mind wander. If possible, write down your thoughts and during this process, you will realise how much of it is actually irrelevant.

* Set a time limit and allow your imagination to go wild. At the end of it, stop. Discard negative thoughts after a certain point.

* Ask yourself to what extent this issue would matter to you five years down the line. Or for that matter, in a month. This is when we lead our mind to realise that nearly all issues aren’t permanent and significant enough to be so invested in. This exercise can give us great insight.

* Remind yourself that you cannot predict the future. It’s wise to enjoy the present and live in the moment. Indulge in simple creative pursuits such as painting, knitting, playing an instrument, dancing, taking up a sport or exercising. Basically, try to cherish every living moment and make the best of what is in front of you.

* Engage your brain is learning something new—it could be as basic as learning an indoor game like chess, Scrabble or sudoku. You can also try a new hobby, pick up a new language or make physical activity a part of your daily routine. Exercise does wonders for the overthinking mind.

* If overthinking continues to interfere with your daily functioning and normal routine and these tips fail to help, it’s advised to seek the guidance of a professional counsellor to work through it.

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