Remembering Alfred Nobel: 10 Interesting Facts About the Man of Science and Invention

Remembering Alfred Nobel: 10 Interesting Facts About the Man of Science and Invention

Alfred Bernhard Nobel, who was born on October 21, left the world for his heavenly abode on December 10, 1896. A Swedish businessman, chemist, engineer, inventor, and a philanthropist, Nobel is known for his tremendous work. He has held 355 different patents in his name. One of his famous patents is for inventing and manufacturing dynamite. If you are known the periodic table, the synthetic element nobelium was named after Alfred Nobel.

Despite leading such a famous life, making his name in the world of science, as a chemist, engineer and inventor, there are a few facts about the man that have remained lesser known. Here are a few of them:

-- While he might have lived a famous life, where a lot of people celebrated his accomplishment, he had very little enthusiasm for people. He suffered from chronic bad health and has lived a lonely life.

-- He has felt so lonely at times that he once wrote, “Numerous friends are to be found only among dogs.” However, explaining his condition, he also wrote, “I am a misanthrope, but exceedingly benevolent.”

-- Most of Alfred Nobel’s fame came in existence after his work with nitroglycerin. He did a several experiments with nitroglycerin. However, when he experienced hear problems, the doctors prescribed him to take the compound. For this, he wrote, “I]t seems an irony of fate that they should be prescribing nitroglycerin internally for me.”

-- Not just a scientist, Nobel was also had love for literature. He used to write poetry and also drafted a few novels.

-- Before his death, Nobel wrote the play Nemesis, based on the story of a 16th century noblewoman who’d killed her abusive father. However, his family members destroy the copies as they felt it could undermine his reputation.

-- While he is known for a number of works which was harmless, Nobel always felt that there is nothing in our world that cannot be misused.

-- He also chose to honour people who work towards achieving peace, through Nobel Peace Prize,

-- While it might sound unusual now, live burial was not so uncommon in the 19th century. He always had a fear of being burnt alive.

-- Interestingly, Nobel wrote his will without any legal counsel.

-- While he gave a bulk of his fortune to establish a fund for Nobel prizes, Nobel left no specifications on the administration of these funds, leaving everyone confused.

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