Mindfulness: Why are You Going Against Your Own Child?

Mindfulness: Why are You Going Against Your Own Child?

Board results are out and parents are busy sharing pictures of their children on social media. Most with encouraging captions. Most of them are treating it as a matter of personal prestige. They want to flaunt their achievements. But is it the same for the kids too?

Everyone--relatives, teachers, parents--want to be a part of such discussions. However, there are many students who haven’t scored astounding marks. These days, even 95% seems less. The dreams shown by the schools has influenced us so much that we have not remained empathetic towards our children.

This is when the history has clearly shown that the school performance has no relation with your success in life. Being successful in school is a very small thing.

Evaluating any child on the basis of board marks is unjust. The biography of one of the greatest writers of France, Honoré de Balzac, Wine of Life: A Novel about Balzac, too has mention of schools of France where children were beaten up by the whip. Children were beaten cruelly because they were more inclined to arts instead of mathematics or science.

I have witnessed teachers beating students in the name of instilling discipline in students. Even now, when such beatings have been nearly obsolete, many parents and teachers are unhappy that children are treated softly. They feel that children could get out of control. They see happiness in kids’ sufferings.

We must ensure children’s tender upbringing. Many people think that they beat their child for their wellbeing but it is not so. Children treated with cruelty will treat their parent accordingly later on.

Are we imposing our own ambitions on them? If yes, we need to wake up.

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