Mindfulness: What's Our Real Worth?

Mindfulness: What's Our Real Worth?

One day, the only son of a family, who grew up in difficulties, asked his friends, ‘I am fed up of my work, what should I do?’

His friends suggested him to take the decision on his own. They told him that they are with him. However, the future of several people, including his friends, was depended on his decision. He decided to keep working but it was taking a toll on his health. Finally, he fell ill and had to leave the job anyway.

Don’t value any person for their job. We are living in a time where all of us have grave chances of depression, disappointment and worry. If any friend is not happy with job, you should take it seriously. No matter how valuable the job is, it’s not more valuable than life.

Newspapers are reporting that in last few weeks, suicides in Madhya Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and even Delhi happened mostly because of the fear of unemployment.

The crisis of your family won’t be solved by your departure. It needs you. So, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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