Mindfulness: Now Is The Time To Change Your Attitude

Mindfulness: Now Is The Time To Change Your Attitude

We often indulge ourselves in finding faults with others. Mindfulness receives a lot of mails and messages. Among them, questions regarding life of husband and wife tells us that instead of our own pleasures, we focus more on the errors which were done unknowingly.

Dharmendra Jha, from Ranchi, writes that a few years ago, he had the argument on how many time he was insulted by in-laws and how many times he didn’t get the proper respect from his in-laws. He says we helped him to be aware of compassion, love and affection. His attitude towards life changed. We respect his honest reaction. Saying these kind of things by coming forward requires deep faith and understanding of life.

Relations in India often weakens themselves by straying in the past. Bringing ego in every little issue is part of our nature. It seems that we wait for something to happen so that others’ ego can be hurt.

Sticking to whatever happened five, ten or twenty years ago won’t fetch anything. In the evenings, we never talk about the people who enlightened the house yesterday.

Let’s try a solution. While not talking to anyone, if mind begins to waver in the past, just say tomorrow but not today. If this doesn’t work. Just apologise without any argument. Apology cleanse the mind. But don’t apologise as any obligation. The dirt will remain uncleaned unless apology is sought from deep inside.

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