Mindfulness: Love Has No Purpose

Mindfulness: Love Has No Purpose

Love is like oxygen in life. When it is easily available, we don’t care for it.

We have blended several things in love like expectations, jealously and profit. Love without expectations is difficult to find.

Love has no purpose. Our changing values in life have made it difficult to for us to find unadulterated love. However, it’s there.

Love with jealousy is a kind of violence. Several relationships get corrupted due to this kind of love. After expectation and jealousy, love is mostly threatened due to the idea of gaining something out of a relationship.

If we develop good relations and strengthen the foundation of love just because we may seek advantages later on, then this is an opportunistic move and definitely not love. Those who have love without expectations, jealousy and gain, are not bothered by loneliness.

Lack of love pushes us towards disappointment. You become what you think. ‘Mindfulness’ is the mission to stand with life in any condition. We have to stand against suicide at any cost. For this we need true love because that can make our mind soft, pure and beautiful.

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