Mindfulness: Don't Talk About Your Business All The Time

Mindfulness: Don't Talk About Your Business All The Time

It is not possible to be available to help someone every time. But we can at least feel his pain. Being a sympathiser is not easy in today’s fast-paced life. Understanding others seems like a burden to us.

The corona crisis has confined us. Earlier, we didn’t have time due to personal reasons. Now, we do have time but not the opportunities for social activities. Everyone is fighting it alone. But this crisis is deeper than what we think. It is possible to beat it with togetherness, but our lone struggle is hampering our fighting capacity.

A psychological experiment can help you to know where our lifestyle is going. Just note down what you talk about on your smartphone. What is the content of long talks on phone! This will help you to understand that we are focusing on futile things.

Devendra Shah from Ahmadabad told us that he used to have business talk the whole day. During the pandemic, this increased manifold. But, suddenly he realised that he is missing something. I suggested him that he should talk to his friends about subjects other than business. This will allow the inner pain to come out. It will work like the lubrication of mind. I am happy to write that he is happier now.

It takes nothing to be a sympathiser.

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