Mindfulness: Don't Get Agitated With Everything

Mindfulness: Don't Get Agitated With Everything

Entire life we stray around searching for bliss and peace, while they lie within us. We are getting more alone no matter how many people are around us.

Once the Australian cricket team had developed a culture of winning at any cost. Later, David Warner and Steve Smith had to face the ban so that the moral values could remain intact in the team. Famous tennis player Novak Djokovic, who was considered a cool player, hurt the ground's woman unintentionally, and went out of the tournament. We, in India, talk a lot about moral codes, while little thinking will tell us that we are not doing as well as we should.

One day, a disappointed young man went to the shore of a river to commit suicide. A sage was sitting there who stopped the young man and tried to convince him not to die by suicide. Sage told him, “Wait for two days if you couldn’t understand anything, after that I will not stop you.”

After two days, two disciples of the sage brought a patient and said, “This patient’s kidneys are spoiled, so a kidney donor is needed. His relatives are not ready for that. The patient is ready to give enough money to the kidney donor.”

The sage pointed out to the man and said, “Take his kidneys.”

But the man didn’t agree to donate his kidneys. He said, "How could you evaluate my kidney?”

The sage replied, “If your kidney is precious, think about the value of your full body, which you want to destroy by ending your life.”

The young man understood.

We have made our mind too much sensitive. We must understand that we are not responsible for everything.

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