Mindfulness: Don't Drift Away from Friends During Crisis

Mindfulness: Don't Drift Away from Friends During Crisis

Corona has taught us the importance of relationships. We do not become alone by living separately. It happens because we don’t try to break the ice.

It’s mostly about ‘ours’ versus ‘us’. Earlier, it used to include friends, relatives and neighbours, but now, it’s all about the nuclear family.

The economic crisis create by the coronavirus is not going away easily. You would need your dear ones in these times. Lack of affection and communication has weakened our mind. Powerful and compassionate minds don’t focus much on ego.

Ego creates confusion and stops you from taking help even in desperate times. It has multiple layers that frequently weaken the connections of love and closeness. Many parents are unhappy because their children are not close to them.

Our practical approach has pushed us far away from friends. But now you need them, so don’t remember them only in times of crisis.

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