Mindfulness: Are You Ready To Look Beyond The Hills?

Mindfulness: Are You Ready To Look Beyond The Hills?

Two travellers lost their way in a desert. All the food items were finished. Heat, hunger and thirst made their condition worse. They couldn’t go back now.

Suddenly, they saw a hill with a road going through it. They could also see a beautiful green valley beyond the hill. They assumed there must be water and fruit-laden trees.

They managed to cross the hill and drank water, and began to rest. The first traveller said, “I will rest for a few days before moving ahead.”

The second traveller replied, “As you wish, but very few people know about this place. Several people are still trapped in the desert out there, they need help.”

The second traveller went back with water and fruits to help others, and eventually saved them.

Those who realise the significance of life, they behave like the second traveller.

We need to understand and accept different phases of life. Only learning science doesn’t ensure a scientific temperament. It is necessary to understand the meaning of being educated. So, do not evaluate someone’s attitude for life by their degree. Had it been so, people in top job positions would not have been so much deprived of compassion, forgiveness and affection!

A money plant can’t replace a mango plant, so be careful of what you want and how you want.

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