Mindfulness: Are You A Traveller?

Mindfulness: Are You A Traveller?

We keep our heart open only for our near and dear ones. That’s why we behave differently with different people. All are not same for us, thanks to our understanding of separate backgrounds and conditions.

We love and remember our childhood friends because we know them well. A few decades ago, childhood and college friends were enough because the world was confined. But it’s changed now. We are heading towards nomadic life, not staying at a single place. This was the prevalent lifestyle long ago. At that time people must have been open. This can be confirmed by looking at the people who travel a lot today.

Famous travellers have been repeatedly saying that those who have been to many places, have a better ability to innately believe and love. They identify with new people with the same affection and warmth as they do with friends.

We do not open in front of everyone because our thought process has been confined to a smaller space. If we look carefully, we will find that our mental space is shrinking everyday.

Even the wood expands in the rainy season and shrinks in dry season. Our minds too have that capacity of shrinking and expansion. It chooses people as per season. Usually, we criticise people who forget us in their good time but remember in bad time. Well, this is not the ideal situation.

Be a little stable, sensible and affectionate. You should have more compassion, love and forgiveness than the last day. Let’s strive to be a better human being.

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