Korean skincare trend essence serum cream skin

Korean skincare trend essence serum cream skin
Essence could change your skincare game. (Photo: Thinkstock Images)

A bespoke skincare regime is a dream indulgence, but choosing the right skincare products can get overwhelming. With face masks, mud packs, varied coverage provided by foundations and lipsticks, the world of beauty has been on a roll, influencing our skincare routines.

With Korean beauty leaving its mark on market shelves across the world, we skincare enthusiasts need to be updated on what’s happening. So, do you know about the new Korean skincare trend? If not, click here.

What is a facial essence?

Essence, as they say, is the heart of the Korean skincare routine and while people may compare it to the world-famous serum, it’s not that. In fact, in order to understand what an essence is, one needs to know what it is not.

It is neither a moisturiser, toner or even a serum. It is simply an amalgamation of all these products.

An additional step in your regime, the essence is used right after a toner and before a serum. However, it is lighter than a serum and heavier in consistency than a toner. Being a lightweight potion, it moisturises the skin and hydrates it by seeping deep into the layers. A toner is the last step to remove the little steps of make-up, and with the alcohol content present in it, it dries quickly. A facial essence with a creamy texture is designed to penetrate deeper into your skin with active ingredients by hydrating and priming it.

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How can you use a facial essence?

The mark of a good essence is when it balances the pH levels of your skin post-cleansing and toning. While it is meant for all skin types, it is beneficial especially for skin that is dry and dehydrated. Those with oily skin can opt for an essence enriched with salicylic acid to balance out the production of sebum.

Since the essence is not as watery as a toner, it is best to take a few drops of the facial essence on your palms and press it into your face until it is absorbed. Or gently start tapping it into your skin starting from your chin and move it upwards by massaging into your face slowly. This step helps boost circulation. The best part about essences is that they go beyond hydrating and moisturising your skin. This is because it has an anti-ageing element to it which comes into play in the long run. Moisturising your skin from early on helps keep the skin cells plump, in turn combating ageing.

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Facial essence as per skin type

No skin-type is the same and each and every skin has various issues but thanks to the market, we are blessed with varied choices of moisturisers, cleansers and even facial essences. Here’s how you can choose one for your skin type.

For oily skin- Essence containing salicylic acid to control the sebum production or thermal water which is enriched with vitamins.

For dry skin – Essence packed with hyaluronic acid or jojoba oil works wonders for dry skin.

For dull skin – Dull skin is always in need of ingredients that provide a radiant and brightening effect. Go for essence enriched with zingy botanicals or niacinamide to wake your skin in the morning.

Are you going to try this skincare step?

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