Grow These Kitchen Herbs as Indoor Plants to Enhance the Taste of Your Food

Grow These Kitchen Herbs as Indoor Plants to Enhance the Taste of Your Food

Having your own kitchen herb garden is much healthier and saves money at the same time. Just creating small pots of the kitchen herbs that you can put on the windowsill, dining table or balcony can be a lot easier for making fresh aroma for the dishes. The fresh herbs found in your own house makes the recipe taste even better. You can use them in making more flavorous soups, stews, and salads.

Some of the herbs that you can grow easily to enhance your cooking area are:


Basil is an amazing herb to use and comes with a variety of colours and size. This plant is popular in many cuisines, from salads to stir fry dishes. You can plant in a small pot and hang on your balcony with direct sunlight. Pluck the fresh basil leaves to add for more flavour and scent.


Coriander leaf or Chinese parsley is mostly used for the finishing touch to the cuisine. It is perfect for giving the perfect aroma into spicy foods of Southeast Asian and Indian cuisines. You can plant it in a small pot with water or soil and can be placed on your dining tables.


Chives are mostly used for flavouring the dishes. There are many types of chives, including Chinese chives. It is also used instead of onions or garlic in some cuisines in north-east India. It works well with eggs, fish, potatoes, salads, shellfish, and soups. Take a small pharmocol or cardboard box and put some soil and place the seed or the plant and let it grow. You can place on the tabletop of your kitchen.


Mint is so easy to grow and used in many dishes for flavour and health benefits. You can grow the mint in containers or small pot. There are several varieties of mint and it is used in drinks like mojitos or mint juices. You can add some mint while making iced tea. Mint is also known to freshen the breath and calming your stomach.


Lemongrass has a strong lemon flavour which is used in brewing tea. It is mostly used in seasoning. The indoor lemongrass plants can be bit small as compared to those grown outside but you can also place it in the balcony. You can grow this herb by using the seeds.