Get rid of dull and frizzy hair by following these simple hair care tips this monsoon

Get rid of dull and frizzy hair by following these simple hair care tips this monsoon

Rains bring respite from the heat, but also bring in some bad news for your hair. It is a known fact that the monsoon season impacts the health and texture of your hair. But with the right amount of attention, care and technique, you can maintain the health and shine of your hair during the rainy season too.

Agnes Chen, Streax professional, shares some simple tips that will help you combat the stress on your tresses this season.

* The most important thing is to keep your hair clean; hence using a hydrating shampoo and conditioner is of utmost importance. It helps lock in the moisture and remove frizziness.

* Hair wash regime is incomplete without using a good serum, especially in the rains. It helps control the design and texture of the hair. Hair potion can also be used during the season — the trick is to take a few drops and apply on the mid-lengths and ends of hair after every hair wash.

* It is not advisable to blow dry your hair during the monsoons as the style would not stay owing to the weather conditions. Opt for a cute bun, a funky ponytail or a bohemian braid instead. The key is to have fun with your hair and experiment rather than sport the usual straight hair look.

* For people with curly or frizzy hair, the best solution is to scrunch it into luscious curls using a gel-mousse. It will make you look chic and uber cool.

* Rains is a good time to invest in a haircut, it tames the split ends and you get rid of dry ends.

* Go in for a hair spa at your local salon and pamper your tresses. This is not only a luxury but a necessity as a shampoo and conditioner will only help you cleanse from the outside. Regular spa treatments, on the other hand, are essential to nourish your hair and roots.