Gender-Based Pay Disparity Increasing Over Years: Survey

Gender-Based Pay Disparity Increasing Over Years: Survey
Even as companies are becoming progressive by encouraging diversity in workplace, a recent survey has found that gender-based pay disparity has increased over the years. "The much talked about pay disparity still exists. In fact, the gap has only increased in recent years. Most respondents (60 percent) said the difference in pay has increased," according to a recent survey by TimesJobs.

"About 60 percent of employees surveyed have said pay gap has increased over the years, and this is an alarming situation. Organisations have to take tangible action to address this issue. Paying employees fairly has a direct
bearing on the productivity of employees and impacts business revenues as well. There are many progressive companies today who are working hard to achieve this," TimesJobs and TechGig business head Ramathreya Krishnamurthi said.

The survey was done online during January to March with over 870 employees feedback. It also revealed that about 60 percent respondents said women go to job interviews with a preconceived belief that they will get paid less than their male counterparts. A majority (65 percent) of men claimed that women
employees are paid at par with their peers and only 35 percent said women were paid less. Moreover, 76 percent of professionals affirmed that productivity of women is still questionable at workplaces across sectors, whereas 24 percent disagreed to the aforementioned statements, it added.

Majority (41 percent) of the respondents voted for 'work experience' as a primary factor contributing to unequal pay. Around 31 percent of respondents considered 'gender' as the primary reason for the pay gap across different

The study also showed that pay disparity extends beyond salary as well to even allowances, with 29 percent of respondents subscribing to this view, followed by respondents who acknowledge that the pay disparity includes other perks as well.

According to the survey pay disparity is the highest at middle management according to 32 percent respondents while about 15 percent claimed it impacts the least at the C-Suite level.

As per survey the difference of pay between men and women is the highest in the health care sector, followed by IT, BFSI and automobiles sectors.

The pay gap in the functional areas was the highest in among engineers, followed by journalists, finance officers, doctors and nurses, it added.

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