From peeling garlic to making hot compress: Microwave hacks that will make your life easier

From peeling garlic to making hot compress: Microwave hacks that will make your life easier

Most people use their microwaves only to heat and re-heat their food. But little do they know that it can be put to multiple use.

Welcome yourself to the world of adulting and get along with baking, steaming, and making yourself different variations of eggs in a microwave with these pro tips.

Cut onions easily

Tired of wiping your tears and feeling extremely uncomfortable while cutting onions? Fret not, for the microwave can save you. Trims off the ends of the onions and heat them in the microwave for 30 seconds on full power. You eyes will thank you.

Dry herbs

Most of us buy herbs and before we can make use of them, they tend to get spoiled. Turn to the microwave if you want to store them and prevent wastage. Place a cup of spinach or coriander leave on a paper towel and microwave on full power for 2-4 minutes. Crumble it in the paper towel itself and store in an airtight jar.

Make a hot compress

In case you get sore muscles from working out in the gym or have a stiff neck, you don’t have to worry about drawing yourself a hot water bath. You can make a hot compress by heating a wet towel or cloth for about a minute and soothe your muscles.

Squeeze lemons easily

Many a time, lemons can get difficult to squeeze. Heat lemon in the microwave for a minute on full power before you squeeze it to make it super juicy and easy to squeeze.

Peel garlic easily

Peeling garlic can be a task. Being a moist herb, it tends to stick to the clove. Zap it on the microwave on full power for a few seconds. The moisture from the garlic will dry out and it will be super easy to peel it off.

Cook eggs

You can not only boil eggs, but also poach eggs, make scrambled eggs and even sunny side up in a microwave. If you’re wondering how, watch the video for reference.

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