From kitchen to the living room: Choose the perfect lighting for your home

From kitchen to the living room: Choose the perfect lighting for your home

A lot has been said about how the perfect light can add life to your home. Besides just illuminating a room, lights are now perceived as a piece of art, not just having a functional but aesthetic value too. Infact, most people now believe that a light, be it a chandelier or something as simple as a table lamp, should stand out.

The question is how does one choose the right lighting for a home? When we consider lighting, we are looking at four basic categories – ceiling, wall, table and floor. They further fall into two distinctions – functional and ornamental. And lastly the styling of the lights depends on the kind of interior the lighting is done for, i.e. traditional, period, contemporary and art-deco. Different spaces in a home require different kind of lighting, suggests Purvi Parikh, owner of Tranceforme, a home decor store.

Segregation of functional and leisure spaces help in planning the kind of light required. The market is flooded with innumerable styles, sizes, material of lights that can fit every kind of interior and budget. So, go ahead and look for the “right light” to illuminate your home.


Starting with the entrance or lobby, the front door requires to be well-lit by either functional or fancy lights. A bright approach to the house sets the welcoming mood and also allows good visibility of visitors.

Living room

This can again be lit by functional cove lighting with strategically placed beautiful floor lamps, pendant light and table lamps on corner tables. This kind of lighting sets the mood for a good conversation and intimacy.

Dining table

The dining table should be luminous with an overhead chandelier if the décor is luxurious or has a stylish contemporary fitting. In both these public spaces, spots of wall fittings can be placed to highlight paintings, sculptors and artefacts.


They require cozy lighting with table lamps on the bedside tables or reading lights attached to headboards. Track lights across the length of the ceiling can be perfect solutions for spot lighting wardrobes, dresser and study desk. LED lighting would be most appropriate with an eye towards sustainability and cost-saving. Many homes are also moving towards automation for convenience.


Functional spaces like kitchen and staff areas require functional lighting which is bright. The kitchen counter should have enough light from the fittings below the well mounted storage cabinets.

To add a glam and interesting quotient, once can consider lights made from fabrics, reels, threads and artistry which can add charm to the most sophisticated homes, be it contemporary or traditional. Unique in their design, they stand out as objects of craft and art.