Ex-society journalist Gulshan Ewing loses battle against coronavirus

Ex-society journalist Gulshan Ewing loses battle against coronavirus
Gulshan Ewing pictured with Prince Charles. (Source: Twitter @AnjaliEwing)

Former society journalist Gulshan Ewing died aged 92, in isolation, in a care home in London’s Richmond, following coronavirus-related complications on April 18. The Daily Mail reports that members of her family received confirmation that her demise was because of the virus about 24 hours later.

Ewing, a celebrated journalist, rubbed shoulders with many luminaries and celebrated personalities from around the world. It is said that during the course of her illustrious career that spanned three decades, she interviewed Hollywood legends like Gregory Peck and Cary Grant, many politicians, members of the royalty, and other such eminent personalities across the world. According to the Daily Mail report, she even enjoyed a glamorous life in her native city of Mumbai, where she was quite known in celebrity circles.

Ewing’s death comes in the wake of one of the worst crises to hit the world in a long time. It raises concerns over the vulnerability of the older generations of the society, especially in England, wherein Care England — the country’s largest representative body for care homes — has claimed 7,500 residents are feared-dead from coronavirus already, the Dail Mail reports.

Gulshan Ewing, journalist Gulshan Ewing, Gulshan Ewing death, indian express, indian express news Ewing pictured with Alfred Hitchcock. (Source: Twitter @AnjaliEwing)

It also says that Ewing had been showing symptoms for over a week, and her daughter Anjali Ewing had to plead with health officials and send out tweets to Health Secretary Matt Hancock and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, for her to be tested for COVID-19 and receive the necessary treatment. She told MailOnline, “For more than a week we had no confirmation that my mother had coronavirus, and this just added to our worry. And when we eventually got it, she had already passed away. It was a case of too little, too late”.

She also said that elderly need to be prioritised because “they are the most vulnerable when it comes to coronavirus”. “I wanted a proper diagnosis for my mother because that way, at least we could have worked out what she needed,” she told them.

Anjali also said that she chose to “publicise pictures of her mother’s dazzling career” because she wants people to know about her, and remember her as more than just a victim of the COVID-19 pandemic.

UK, just like other countries, meanwhile, continues to fight and contain the spread of the infection.

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