Easy tips to choose the best footwear for monsoon

Easy tips to choose the best footwear for monsoon

The mantra for monsoon should be ‘easy to wear, easy to remove and easy to dry’. Which is why selecting the right kind of footwear becomes a key criteria during the rainy season. Some of the best footwear options during monsoon include flip flops, sandals and clogs — which define comfort, but are also lightweight and breathable at the same time.

To help you make the right choices this rainy season, here are some useful tips:

Wear flip flops: Flip flops are sleek and waterproof, making them one of the best footwear option during this season. “In monsoons, opt for water-friendly flip flops that can easily channel the water away and improve traction. Say no to closed shoes as they take time to dry and may harbour germs around the feet,” says Surabhi Agrawal, head – merchandising, Crocs India.

Comfortable sandals: The wave-inspired outsole design sandals are the best water-friendly shoes for monsoon adventure. They offer maximum breathability, while the adjustable straps and pull tabs at the heels offer quick on and offs.

Odour-resistant: Footwear takes time to dry during the rainy season, which may result in bad odour. To avoid such a situation, it is always better to rely on footwear that has odour resistant properties.

Go for waterproof footwear: It is best to opt for waterproof footwear which are versatile and multipurpose as they are not only easy to wash and comfortable, but are also light and durable.

Travel-friendly: Clogs dry super quickly, have ventilation ports for enhanced breathability, are lightweight, water-friendly and buoyant and come in a variety of silhouettes to keep you comfortable and stylish. You can also opt for rubber boots which are easy to wear, light and will keep your feet clean.