New korean skincare cream skin cream skincare laniege trend

New korean skincare cream skin cream skincare laniege trend
This new skin care trend doesn’t consist of 10 steps and we are thankful for that! (Photo: Thinkstock Images)

Reigning supreme last year was the “glass skin” trend, which promised a complexion that was glowing and dewy. Known as the world’s unofficial skincare hub, Korea has a new skin game that we stumbled upon. It’s none other than the cream skincare trend.

While we are obsessed with double cleansing, essences and sheet masks, the cream skincare trend is way easier to follow than its predecessor. Though the multi-step routine is loved by many, people always want something that is easy and doesn’t take much time. Here’s where the cream skincare trend enters.

Here, we skip the need of skin that is reflective and pore-less and it is time to focus on nourishing it deeply so that it stays soft, supple and moisturised. With fewer steps involved, it tells us to chill as we take care of our skin, but also reminds us of the mainstay behind most Korean routines — cleansing.

And if you want to nail this skincare routine, remember cleansing is imperative. The key is to simply use a makeup remover or even better, micellar water, since it doesn’t strip your face of essential oils to remove dirt and makeup.

Another notable aspect of this trend is how a plumping moisturiser and hydrating essence come together with serums and double cleansing to form an all-in-one product that helps you achieve similar results.

The star of this skincare trend is that you just need one product which is lighter in consistency and a fusion between a toner and moisturiser. This results in dewy and soft skin. This helps you set the skin’s pH balance and adds hydration without having to create anything yourself.

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