Dev Anand 95th Birth Anniversary: Remembering Bollywood's Evergreen Style Icon

Dev Anand 95th Birth Anniversary: Remembering Bollywood's Evergreen Style Icon

The charismatic style icon of Bollywood, Dev Anand was an actor, producer, writer, director who donned many hats with aplomb. Fondly referred to as India’s Gregory Peck by fans, Dev Anand pushed the envelope in terms of fashion. His style became synonymous to trademark neckties and sweaters. Dev Anand was the one who popularised scarves, bold choice of colours, jacket and experimental headgear. His signature puffed hair and magnetic smile made him the apple of the eyes of many female fans during the 60s. Dev Anand always looked dashing in his unique fusion and western look. The handsome hunk of his era, the late star was gifted with alluring features and unique style on and off-screen.

All-time classics

Dev Anand’s style and unmistakable flair were standard in fashion. They became classics and are still relevant many years later. The retro vibe of his look continues to feature in the pages of trends to date. With mufflers, hats and berets, he also wore a cool attitude which can be emulated by the present-day youth today. His striking personality along with the westernised look epitomised the quintessential sojourning culture of the era. The use of vibrant colours, patterns, prints and the gusto with which he pulled it off is an admirable class.

Pan gender style

Dev saab belonged to an influential time in fashion. Post his hit film Jewel Thief in 1967, Dev Saab made wearing scarves fashionable for men. He was also looked up to for his gender-fluid style as he effortlessly bridged the gap between distinctive gender fashions. Dev Saab’s closet highlighted a kaleidoscope of colours, and had an individual and incomparable demeanour.

Aspirational trends

From the modest ’50s to the hippie ’70s, Dev Saab experimented with several ongoing style decrees and also gave many trend references to follow. He single-handedly ruled men’s fashion and made quirky patterns and classic styles a must-have. The Bollywood star caused a rage with the paperboy cap and patterned suits.