Daughters day 2019 date history importance and why we celebrate daughters day

Daughters day 2019 date history importance and why we celebrate daughters day

Daughters’ Day 2019 Date: As the name clearly suggests, Daughters’ Day is a day that exclusively celebrates the daughters in the family. While different countries celebrate it on different days, it is usually observed on the fourth Sunday of the month of September. In India, it will be celebrated on September 22 (that is tomorrow).

Why we celebrate it

There isn’t a reason to celebrate daughters. From loving and supporting their parents, to spreading joy in everyone’s life, a daughter is an asset and the most precious of gifts. For parents, watching their daughters grow up to be independent individuals is a matter of great pride. And since we have a dedicated day for mothers and fathers, it is only apposite to have one for daughters as well.

The history of the day 

While there isn’t a concrete story as to why we celebrate this day, in developing countries like ours — where daughters are often treated as a burden — the day is of utmost importance. Issues like dowry, female infanticide and foeticide continue to plague our communities. We mark this designated day to remind the society that our daughters are our joy, and there should not be any patriarchal beliefs attached to their birth.

How should you celebrate it?

By telling/reminding your daughters how important they are to you, and how proud you are of everything they have achieved in life so far. Go out, buy them something, watch a movie together — do absolutely anything that makes the bond stronger.