Ayushmann khurrana gentleman video

Ayushmann khurrana gentleman video

Through his films, Ayushmann Khurrana has attempted to challenge the way men are perceived. He has departed from popular perception by foregrounding their frailties. He did the same in his most recent outing, Amar Kaushik’s Bala, where he essayed the role of a young man struggling with premature balding.

Continuing in the same vein, he performed a poem where he dismantles stereotypes associated with the idea of a gentleman. The performance, part of The Man Company (TMC), stands out for its acknowledgement that men and women are different and the difference, as the actor says, is beautiful.

Watch the video here.

The actor goes on to say that there should be no additional pressure on men because of this. Because, even if they are different from women, they are human after all, struggling with their own set of insecurities and vulnerabilities.

Ayushmann Khurrana’s Bala falls prey to the very stigma it tries to dispel

“Through this poem, we are trying to keep aside all the stereotypes that society has created about a gentleman, versus how one must perceive a gentleman. It puts across a strong message of how men should be comfortable to embrace their vulnerability and their weaknesses and that it doesn’t make them less of a man,” the actor said.

Written by Gaurav Solanki, the poem makes a pertinent case of how patriarchy affects both men and women, how upholding the idea of the socially accepted “man” requires a lot of effort and it is about time to let men be relieved of the pressure. It is time to associate a different set of meaning to the word “gentleman”, come to terms with the fact that men can be “gentle”, and that it will not make them any less of a man.