Adapt These UNICEF Recommended Ways to Keep Your Child Engaged with Studies During Covid-19

Adapt These UNICEF Recommended Ways to Keep Your Child Engaged with Studies During Covid-19

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has hit the people globally, it has impacted their daily lives. School closures, working remotely and social distancing has made life a lot more complex for the parents to navigate the study engagement of their kids.UNICEF’s Global Chief of Education offers five tips to help your children engaged with education and restore balance into their daily lives.

1. Planning a routine together

Make a routine that establishes a fixed schedule for your child. Include all the activities like study time, playtime, nap time and online time. Use everyday activities as a learning process for your children. It is important to create a daily routine and structure for children and young people, especially in this pandemic times. Plan and include them in the house chores and do it together.

2. Have an open conversations

Encourage your kids to ask questions and express their feelings with you. You have to be patient and understanding as they might have different reactions to stress and other emotions. Talking about health and hygiene can also be a good conversation following the pandemic. Most importantly, warn them about the fake news and tell them to talk to you whenever they need or when in doubt.

3. Take your time

Create a shorter learning session while making them digest properly and progressively. Combine online with offline activities to make the learning more fun and interesting.

4. Protect children online

Digital platforms provide a great opportunity for children to keep learning and keeping in touch with their friends. However, increase access to online contents can higher risks for their safety, protection and privacy. Set up parental controls on their devices to navigate their online activities, particularly for younger children. Check with their school teachers regarding online classes and sessions.

5. Stay in touch with your children’s schools

Keep in touch with your children’s teacher or school to stay informed about the new learning process and activities. Ask them questions and get more guidance from the teachers, parent groups and community groups to support each other with your kid’s home-schooling.