Watch: Bored Of Regular Egg Curry? Give Them A Feisty Twist With These Two Recipes

Watch: Bored Of Regular Egg Curry? Give Them A Feisty Twist With These Two Recipes
  • Egg curry is a popular Indian gravy
  • You can prepare egg curry in a myriad ways
  • Chettinad egg curry is made with a special Chettinad masala

Egg Curry Recipe: When all else fails, it only takes a few eggs to make us believe we can save the meal from being an absolute disaster. Eggs are so versatile that you can make a gamut of interesting dishes and desserts using them, and you know you are going to end up with a winner. Egg is unarguably one of the most popular foods across the globe. From omelette to parfait, frittata to meringue, there are a bunch of popular egg recipes to whet our appetite. But if you look around you, you'd find a tremendous range of desi egg delicacies that may leave you spellbound too. In terms of flavour, texture and balance they can give any gourmet preparation a run for their money.

Chettinad Egg Curry Recipe Video

If you are a fan of chettinad flavours, you would love this egg chettinad recipe. Boiled eggs tossed in an eclectic chettinad masala makes for a scrumptious curry. You can pair it with rice. If you are not a fan of rice you can have it with any bread of your choice too.  The recipe was posted on Food's YouTube Channel.

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Shahi Egg Curry Recipe Video

This Shahi Egg recipe is also an interesting way to spruce up your banal egg curry. The recipe was also posted on Food's YouTube channel.  If you love shahi paneer, you would this rich, creamy and nutty curry as well. It tastes the best with piping hot pulao or naan.

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