Students of iit bombay protest passage of cab

Students of iit bombay protest passage of cab
The students protesting on Wednesday. Express

Students of IIT-Bombay belonging to North East Collective, Ambedkarite Students’ Collective, Charchavedi and Ambedkar Periyar Phule Study Circle came together to protest the passage of the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill (CAB) in the Parliament. The students held a demonstration on the campus on Wednesday.

“CAB’s exclusionary nature is a direct threat to the secular fabric of the Indian Constitution and the idea of citizenship in India. It directly violates Article 14 and Article 15 of the Indian Constitution, which guarantee equal status and protection by law irrespective of any religion. This will clearly rip apart the foundational secular ethos of our nation. How can a nation that proclaims itself as a secular republic treat people from different religions differently? CAB will be the last nail in fulfillment of the ideological project of Hindu Rashtra,” said a statement released by the students.

Members of Rashtriya Olma Council at a silent protest to oppose the Bill at Nagpada on Wednesday. (Express photo: Prashant Nadkar )

IIT-Bombay for Justice, under which the students came together, is a forum recently formed by the students following the suicide of IIT-Madras student Fatima Latheef. The students had also protested the passage of the NRC Bill. “When the government should be worried about rising prices, economy, budget cuts for education and health, government’s interest in resource-consuming registries that utterly disrespect public money, time and lives lost in detention camps are strongly condemnable,” said a student.

Another student told The Indian Express, “We condemn BJP’s hate and partisan politics that threatens to push the nation to a polarised abyss and murder our democratic spirit to co-exist equally with all communities, irrespective of any categories. We stand in solidarity with all the peaceful democratic struggles of the people in Northeast and other places of India in resisting the communal CAB and urge them to refrain from violence.”

NCP protest in Thane. (Express photo: Deepak Joshi)

Students of Tata Institute of Social Sciences also on Monday protested against the passage of CAB. “The Bill seeks to fundamentally alter the idea of India and Indian citizenship through inclusion and exclusion based on one’s religious identity. This explicitly communal legislative measure with a specifically anti-Muslim positioning is a step towards the Hindu nationalist vision of the ruling BJP,” said the statement released by the students. IIT-Bombay administration did not comment on the move by the students.