Police assaulted protesters at new dantewada camp activists

Police assaulted protesters at new dantewada camp activists

A week after the Dantewada Police opened a police camp in Potali, activists alleged that a crowd protesting outside the camp on Tuesday was dispersed with the use of force. Police officials, however, have said that the matter was handled “sensitively”.

Senior police officials said the camp in Potali is of strategic importance on the Aranpur axis, the worst conflict-hit region in Dantewada district.

Civil rights activist and AAP leader Soni Sori claimed that villagers had been assaulted. “Thousands of villagers had assembled on Tuesday to protest the opening of the camp… They were protesting peacefully and the police used sticks etc to hurt them and disperse them,” Sori said.

Police, however, said that villagers have been protesting the opening of the camp and had congregated with “bows and arrows”.

Dantewada SP Abhishek Pallava said, “When we began to leave, some (villagers) advanced with bows and arrows… to disperse the crowd we fired fake weapons in the air…. There were absolutely no injuries or assault.”