PM Modi's Address At UN General Assembly: Highlights

PM Modi's Address At UN General Assembly: Highlights

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the annual UN General Assembly. (File)

New Delhi:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing the annual UN General Assembly. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this year's UN General Assembly is being held virtually, as almost all world leaders are delivering their speeches in a pre-recorded video format.

The annual UN General Assembly debate is being held at the United Nations office in New York. 2020 marks the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly, which was started in 1945, after the end of World War II.

Here are the HIGHLIGHTS of PM Modi's speech at UN General Assembly:

  • India is proud of the fact that it is the founding member of UN. The world was significantly different in 1945. The problems, solutions were all different. The challenges of our present and future are now different. The international community is faced with an important question. Is the UN of 1945 still relevant?
  • It is true that the Third World War did not happen to say, but it cannot be denied that there have been many wars, many civil wars have also taken place. How many terror attacks kept the rivers of blood flowing. In these wars, in these attacks, the people who were killed were human beings like you.
  • Changes in UN reactions, changes in arrangements, change in appearance- Today is the need of the hour. The people of India have been waiting for a long time to complete the process that is going on with the reforms of the United Nations. People of India are worried whether this process will ever reach the logical end. After all, how long India will be kept separate from the decision making structures of the United Nations.
  • When we were weak, we didn't trouble the world. When we became strong, we didn't become a burden on the world. Till when do we have to wait? The ideals of UN and the India's main principles are similar. Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam has echoed in the UN halls many a time.
  • India has always stressed on vishwa-kalyan in the UN. India is looking at an extended role in the UN. The International Day of Non-Violence and Yoga was given by India. India has always thought about the welfare of the world. From our neighbourhood first policy to look-east policy, are all guided by these principles.
  • Over 150 countries were sent medical supplies by Indian Pharma during pandemic. Our vaccine production will help in bringing the world out of the pandemic. We are moving towards Phase 3 of clinical trials. We are increasing infra and will help others increase it.
  • India will stand for Shanti, Suraksha and Samridhi. We will always oppose drugs, illegal weapons, etc. India's experience will strengthen the way for vishwa kalyan. India brought changes through Reform-Perform-Transform process.
  • In 4-5 years, linking 400-500 million with the banking system was not easy. India is one of the leaders in digital transactions globally. We are working on making country TB-free by 2025. India has also initiated a huge process of connecting villages with optical fibre.