"Nurses As Hoors": Why Pak PM Imran Khan Is Being Trolled Over A Video

Hilarious comments followed soon after a video featuring Imran Khan was posted.

New Delhi:

A video of Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has gone viral on social media where he is heard talking about an experience of getting admitted to a hospital for a back injury and how an injection "changed the world around him". The clip shared by a Pakistani journalist has sparked some hillarious reactions on Twitter.

In the 40 second clip shared by journalist Naila Inayat, Imran Khan is apparently praising a doctor at an event who treated him.

"Main badi takleef me tha.... Mujhe nahi pata inhone kaunsa teeka mujhe lagaya. Wo teeka aisa lagaya ki meri takleef bhi khatam ho gayi... Duniya badal gayi. Wo jo nurses thi mujhe hooren nazar aane lagi (I was in immense pain... I don't know what injection he gave me... all my pain was gone.. it felt I had no pain at all... My world changed.. the nurses appeared to be angels to me)," Imran Khan is heard saying in the clip. The doctor attending the event responds with a nod. 

"One injection is all it takes for the PM to see nurses as hoors..," wrote Pakistani journalist Naila Inayat as she shared the clip that was liked over over 2,500 times when this story was posted.

Hilarious comments followed soon after the video was posted.

"Later he also craved begged & threatened to get another shot. Imran doesn't let the effect go away. Evidently," wrote a user.

Some users posted memes in the comments section.

Others, who said that the "hoor" comment was sexist, slammed him for his remark. "Disgraceful ! shameful comment," read a tweet.