Mahindra Thar #1 Bid Reaches Rs. 1.11 Crore On Last Day Of Auction; Winner To Be Announced On Octobe

Mahindra Thar #1 Bid Reaches Rs. 1.11 Crore On Last Day Of Auction; Winner To Be Announced On Octobe

It was just this morning that the bid for the Thar #1 crossed the ₹ 1 crore mark. Today, of course being the last day, the final few hours of the auction saw some tough fights and the numbers kept ticking. While Aakash Minda from New Delhi took it across the ₹ 1 crore mark, it was Abhishek Datta from Medinapur who took the bid to the ₹ 1.07 crore mark. But with just a few hours to go, Arun from Chennai, surpassed that figure for the Thar #1 at ₹ 1.09 crore. But, finally, it was Aakash Minda who bid big in the final few minutes and take the tally to ₹ 1.11 crore.

Arun now is the top bidder for the Thar #1 and as we already told you, the winner of the auction will be announced on October 2, when the company also announces the price of the Mahindra Thar SUV. The Mahindra Thar #1 has already garnered interest from more than 5444 registered individuals, while the number of bids made have not yet been disclosed. However, we have seen a lot of participation from across the country with the North and South dominating the bidding process. 


The winner of the auction will be announced on October 2 2020 

As we've told you earlier, the Thar #1 auction is for a good cause, #GetToGive as Mahindra calls it. The winner and owner will contribute towards a noble cause related to COVID-19 relief work. He can decide on his choice of the charitable organization from three options. These charitable organizations/funds are: Naandi Foundation, which is working to create sustainable livelihoods in the food and agriculture sectors in a post COVID-19 world through upskilling, Swades Foundation, which is building rural life and livelihoods as part of its COVID-19 relief & recovery programme and PM Cares Fund. Mahindra will match the amount raised at the auction and the entire proceeds will be donated to a charitable organization supporting COVID-19 relief.


The Thar #1 will come with a decorative plate on the dashboard with the serial No.1 written on it 


But we are sure the one thing that the owner will enjoy is freedom of opting for his/her choice of the Thar. The winning bidder will have five variants and six colour options to choose from. We are yet to know how many bids were placed for the Thar. The Thar #1 will truly be a one of its kind and will come emblazoned with the Thar #1 badge, distinguishing the owner as the very first one. Other distinguishing features on this Thar #1 will include customised badging on the vehicle which will flaunt the owner's initials, carry serial number '1' on the decorative plate on the dashboard and leatherette seats.

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