Azam khan jaya prada amit shah sp khaki underwear comment

Azam khan jaya prada amit shah sp khaki underwear comment

Amit Shah, the national president of Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Monday asked Samajwadi Party leader Azam Khan to “apologise” for his recent “lewd comments against BJP candidate Jaya Prada.

Stating that such “lowly language” should not have been used for electoral gains, Shah while addressing an election gathering in Kodinar in Gir Somnath district said, “The lewd comments made by SP’s leader Azam Khan against BJP candidate Jaya Prada is an insult to the strength of mothers. It is not just a comment on Jaya Prada, but a comment on crores of women in this country. I want to ask SP and sister Mayawati and Rahul Gandhi if they agree with Azam Khan’s comments.”

Speaking in Hindi, Shah who was campaigning for Rajesh Chudasma — the party’s candidate and sitting MP from Junagadh seat — added, “The Congress party knows that it is going to lose and so is making issues about malfunctioning EVMs… In order to win elections, such lowly language should not be used. I demand that both SP and BSP should ask for forgiveness from the women of this country. Even Azam Khan should ask for forgiveness.”

Earlier, while narrating the Balakot airstrike episode to the gathering, Shah speaking in Gujarati said that only Narendra Modi can ensure the security of the country and BJP’s policy is provide a tit-for-tat reply to Pakistan. “Our policy is clear, if a bullet is fired from Pakistan, we will reply with a cannon-ball. We will not tolerate terrorism. Only Narendrabhai can provide security to the country,” he remarked.

“The biggest work, that Modi has done is to ensure security of the country… A day after the airstrikes, youths were bursting crackers and garlanding pictures of martyred CRPF jawans. There were only two places where people were beating their chests and mourning. One was Pakistan. Entire Pakistan was beating their chests and crying. They should be crying,” asked Shah, as the audience replied in the affirmative.

“The second place that was mourning — as if they had lost a member of their family — was at Congress office. Rahul Baba could not even smile. I cannot understand, why the atmosphere in Congress office was similar to that in Pakistan… Should we be talking to them or rain bombs and take revenge from those terrorists who killed 40 of our jawans?,” Amit Shah asked.

“Friends, this Congress party says, we should have talked to them. Rahul Baba if you want to do “ilu ilu” (in reference to a Bollywood love song) with the terrorists, please do. This is BJP’s and Narendra Modi’s government,” he added.

Amit Shah also said Congress-led UPA alliance does not have a policy, leader or principles. “We have to vote to make Narendrabhai the prime minister. And who is in competition. On one side is Rahul Baba and company, and on the other side is Narendra Modi and group of deshbhakts in BJP. There is no match. There is no contest anywhere. This is a mob that has come together for selfish reasons…,” the BJP president said.

“Wherever I went — Bengal, Karnataka, Maharashtra, Kerala, Odisha, Delhi or Uttar Pradesh — at every place you get to hear one thing, Modi, Modi, Modi, Modi, Modi. The people of the entire country is ready to re-elect Narendrabhai as the prime minister. If the entire country is ready to re-elect Narendrabhai, can people of Gujarat stay behind. Like last time, all the 26 seats need to be won,” he said adding that the Junagadh seat was a matter of “prestige” for the BJP.