Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Street-Style Dal Kachori At Home

Indian Cooking Tips: How To Make Street-Style Dal Kachori At Home
  • Kachori is a north-Indian deep-fried snack
  • Kachori can be made with dozens of different fillings
  • Dal kachori is a classic street food

Kachori is one of the most delicious fried street foods of India. The dish is the eastern equivalent of a puff pastry and is stuffed with a spicy mix of dal or lentils, that is then deep-fried and served with chutneys. Kachori is supposed to have originated in the North Indian state of Uttar Pradesh, but is consumed across the subcontinent. The pyaaz kachori or kachori stuffed with a spicy onion and potato mix is said to have originated in the state of Rajasthan. A sweet version of this dish called mawa kachori is also popular in some North Indian states. Mawa kachori contains a filling of khoya, dried fruits and sugar and is served dipped in sugar syrup or chashni.

Kachoris can be stuffed with any filling of your choice and you may experiment with the filling as much as you like. You can make it vegetarian or non-vegetarian by stuffing chicken or mutton keema inside it. The possibilities are, quite honestly, numerous, and this fried snack can be pretty adaptable to your culinary whimsies. However, the dal kachori remains one of the most commonly prepared and consumed versions of the kachori. The classic version of kachori is made by stuffing a spicy and flavourful mixture of moong dal or urad dal with spices like ginger, garlic, asafoetida, cumin, fennel etc. into a thin round of refined flour or maida.

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Indian Cooking Tips: You can make street-style dal kachori at home

The dough is made from refined flour and a little bit of semolina or suji. The suji makes the outer covering of the kachori extra crispy. The dough is divided and flattened into rounds and then stuffed with cooked skinned urad dal (skinned black gram). The rounds are sealed with water and then deep-fried until the outer crust gets a delicious golden brown colour. The kachoris are served with tamarind chutney and mint, coriander chutney. The outer crust of the kachori can be punctured and filled with the chutneys, chopped onions and crispy sev.

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