Hot Chocolate Bombs: The Viral Winter Food Trend That's So Addictive To Watch

Hot Chocolate Bombs: The Viral Winter Food Trend That's So Addictive To Watch
  • Hot Chocolate is one winter drink which many enjoy
  • This food trend takes an interesting spin on the classic beverage
  • Take a look at the videos by Instagram bloggers here

Winter season is in full swing across the globe. The cold weather has us making the most of seasonal ingredients and hot recipes, which keep us warm, healthy and nourished. From soups to pies, drinks to curries - there are various winter recipes to try this holiday season. Hot chocolate is one such recipe which is an all-time favourite. The recipe involves mixing cocoa powder with hot milk to result in a beverage which tastes truly out of the world. However, food bloggers on Instagram have taken this recipe a notch higher with an interesting new food trend - Hot Chocolate Bombs.

Hot Chocolate Bombs involve similar ingredients to the original hot chocolate recipe. However, the interesting bit of the food trend comes in its presentation. All the components of hot chocolate are filled inside a molten chocolate bomb which is in the shape of a sphere. This is then refrigerated in order to harden up, with the ingredients still intact inside. Once the Hot Chocolate Bombs are prepared, hot milk is poured over them to result in a chocolate explosion! Take a look at some mesmerising videos shared by various bloggers on Instagram:

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The recipe has gone viral and many bloggers have taken the recipe in their own stride and created a number of versions to the hot chocolate bombs. For instance, one blogger shared a peppermint flavoured version that she made, while another created a chocolate bomb in the shape of a snowflake! The best part is that everything you need for the perfect cup of hot chocolate is stored inside the bomb, so all you need to add to it is plain hot milk and your yummy hot chocolate is ready to devour.

Try your hands at this delicious and drool-worthy food trend, and we bet you'd be addicted to making and watching it in action!