High Protein Diet: Move Over Anda Bhurji, Try This Protein-Rich Spicy Soya Bhurji

High Protein Diet: Move Over Anda Bhurji, Try This Protein-Rich Spicy Soya Bhurji
  • Protein is an essential component of weight loss
  • Soya is a great vegan source of protein and apt for high-protein diet
  • Make this spicy soya bhurji for your weight loss diet with this recipe

While it is true that eggs are dubbed as the best bioavailable source of protein, but if you happen to be a vegan or a vegetarian, you need not lose heart as yet. As more and more people are shunning meat, and animal-based products, they're also exploring other sources of protein. Nowadays, there are options aplenty. Soy milk and soy products, for instance, may help you load up on good quality protein. Protein helps build muscle; the more muscle you have, the lesser room there is for fat to accumulate. Protein helps fill you up. If you feel full, you would not feel the urge to binge so soon. It is an excellent choice for vegans. Soy milk is basically derived out of soya bean. Soya granules are derivatives of soy milk and they are as versatile as eggs or paneer. In this recipe, you can learn how to make spicy soya bhurji to pair with your roti, breads or chawal.

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It is super easy to whip up this delicacy. It takes no time and you can master the recipe in very little time even if you consider yourself a novice in kitchen. To make this recipe, you would need soya granules, onion, coriander, garam masala, turmeric powder, salt and oil.

Here's the recipe video of spicy soya bhurji, lets us know how you liked it in the comments section below: